Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Mason Jar Lids with Leak Proof, Easy Opening Seals, Wide Mouth, 8 Pack

County Line Kitchen


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  • GREAT FOR STORAGE! These heavy duty, food grade stainless steel lids will last a lifetime. Guaranteed to always seal and never to rust. Fits all WIDE MOUTH mason jars.
  • REUSE the lids and seals over and over. The plating on non-stainless steel lids will wear off on the threads, exposing the steel underneath which will begin to rust after just a few uses. And, the plastic lids just don’t seal well.
  • NEVER STRUGGLE to open your jar again! Our proprietary anti-stick finish on our seals will allow you to easily screw the lid on and off your jar without the need to be a strongman to make a seal or open the jar again.
  • Our SEAL FITS SECURELY inside the lid. They will never come out when you don’t want them to. Other seals can fall out your lid and into the jar or onto the floor.
  • Made of FOOD GRADE, FDA compliant, BPA free stainless steel and silicone. NOT FOR CANNING.