Silicone Jar Rim Seals for use with Wide Mouth Mason Jars

County Line Kitchen


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  • SIMPLE TO USE - Our seal creates an airtight, leak-proof seal with any plastic wide mouth mason jar lid. Our mason jar seals fit securely on the rim of the jar. Other seals try to cling to the inside of the lid and are prone to falling out.
  • REUSABLE - Made of FDA grade, BPA free, dishwasher safe silicone, these seals can be used over and over.
  • DURABLE - Molded of 3/32" thick, high grade silicone, these gaskets are built to last.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 12 SEALS – Jars and Lids are not included.
  • NOT FOR CANNING - These seals are for storage purposes only and cannot be used for canning. Not for use with metal lids. Not for use with Fido, Hermes or other clamp lid jars.

The plastic mason jar lids that are available do not create an airtight seal with the top of the mason jar. This means that liquids will leak out or dry out and dry goods will go stale when stored with these lids.

The flat seals that are available try to cling to the inside of the lid and don’t always stay there. These can fall out when you are trying to put the lid on the jar or when taking the lid off.

So, we came up with the idea of creating a seal that sits on the rim of the jar. This unique design cannot fall off the lid or into the jar. It is easily and quickly placed on the rim of the jar and then the lid can be tightened down.

Because our seal is design to fit the rim of the jar and not the lid, it will work with any plastic lid out there.

We want our seals to be durable so we molded them out of 3/32” thick, FDA compliant silicone.

Please note that these lids are for storage only and cannot be used for canning. Also, these seals do not work well with metal lids.