Vintage Blue Regular Mouth Drinking Bottle - 1 Quart

County Line Kitchen


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  • RETRO STYLE GLASS MASON JAR DRINKING BOTTLE! Drink, pour or store with this vintage style Ball regular mouth, aqua color mason jar with a durable and stylish County Line Kitchen flip cap lid. Use it in your home or take it with you on the go!
  • LEAK PROOF AND AIRTIGHT – We engineered our seal design to guarantee a leak-proof and air tight seal to keep your beverages in and to keep air out so that your food remains fresh! Whether you use it as a water bottle or food container, you will not have to worry.
  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES. No messy drinking or pouring! The flip cap is designed to stay open when you are pouring or drinking. It will not flop down and get in the way of the opening. The flip cap is also engineered to securely attach to the lid so it will never fall off.
  • DEPENDABLE, LOW EFFORT SEALING. The ingenious gasket design not only creates a perfect seal, but it also reduces friction between the jar and the lid so that the lid can be removed easily. There is need to over tighten the lid to make guarantee a seal and you won’t have to be a super hero to get it open again.
  • SAFE. The lid is made of FOOD GRADE, FDA compliant, BPA free plastic and silicone. These durable materials will not crack or break and are dishwasher safe. The Ball mason jar is made of the same, strong soda-lime glass that Ball has used for over 100 years. Not for canning.